January 21, 2016

Keratin, Bamboo Extract and Mushroom Extract for Colored Hair

An unlikely trio? Not as much as you'd think!

Those who color their hair know that they need a little something “extra” when it comes to their haircare products, yet still, most are happy to just grab any bottle of shampoo or conditioner that says it’s for color-treated hair or worse, settle for whatever’s handy or cheap.

First, just because it says it’s for color treated hair doesn’t mean it’s going to work some magic on your brittle ends or color. And second, buying a cheaper product or using hair products that you just happen to have on hand won’t save you money in the end, but rather cost you more money because you’ll need to trim and color your hair more often.

The Importance of Better Ingredients

You’re putting added stress on your hair when you color it, so it needs to be taken care of so that it doesn’t dry out even further and break. You also want to preserve your color and keep it vibrant as long as possible to get your money’s worth and keep the damage to a minimum. This is why the ingredients in your haircare products are so important!

If you color your hair then products containing keratin and bamboo and mushroom extracts will quickly become your hair’s best friend. All three ingredients offer different benefits that work with each other to preserve the vibrancy of your hair color and keep it nourished and looking healthy.

How They Work

Keratin has always been known to be good for your hair, but in recent years has become especially popular in haircare for its ability to enhance shine and smoothness. It does this by sealing the hair’s cuticle, which is the outermost part of the hair and the first layer to get damaged by coloring and styling. Sealing that keeps your hair looking sleek and silky.

Bamboo extract is rich in silica and also shown to seal the hair shaft. A sealed shaft also protects your hair from the damage that can come from everything from coloring to heat styling. It penetrates the through the layers of the hair for extra nourishment and added protection.

Mushroom extract is a rich and natural source of biotin, which has long been known to help prevent hair loss and breakage and for its ability to help hair grow. It strengthens your hair and gives it unbeatable shine.

As you can see, they each have their own benefits but what’s really important, especially for colored hair, is the way they work together. The mushroom extract releases enzymes that help bind the keratin and bamboo extract to the hair for deeper penetration. The better it penetrates the hair shaft, the healthier and stronger your hair will be and the more vibrant your color will remain. Not only does it keep your hair healthy in spite of all you do to it, but it also helps extend the time between coloring and trims.

Cha-ching! That’s money saved!

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