December 6, 2015

Ways to Use Argan Oil

Serious "Liquid Gold" for Skin, Hair, Body, and Nails

Argan oil really lives up to its “liquid gold” moniker. This dry oil that’s all the rage in hair and skin care–not to mention a celebrity favorite–can be used in all kinds of ways to make your life better. You know that you can use it as a moisturizer for your hair and skin, but there are several other ways to use argan oil that you might not have thought of.

Let’s get to it!

For Fun in the Sun

Argan oil contains tocopherols. Studies have found that this vitamin E compound absorb energy from ultraviolet (UV) light and protect the skin from damage. It’s estimated to offer protection against the sun that is equivalent to an SPF 6 (it’s not much, but natural sunscreen is better than none at all!). Argan oil is also rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that heal and moisturize the skin. Its regenerative and soothing effects make it great for after-sun use to help relieve sunburn discomfort and promote faster healing. It’s also thought to help reduce the appearance of sun spots and other skin damage when used regularly.

For Better Baths and Showers

Enjoy a long soak in a hot bath or lingering in the shower? Then argan oil is a must for you! It’s approximately 80 percent fatty acids which provide you with the ultimate in moisturizing. The vitamin E in argan oil will also help soothe your dry skin and prevent it from further damage so you can enjoy a long soak or shower without drying out or prematurely aging your skin. It’s also the perfect product for applying after shaving your legs, underarms, and any of your other delicate bits! Add a few drops to your bath water or apply it to your skin while wet to help lock in even more moisture.

For a Truly Dewy Complexion

Forget using highlighters or shimmery powders to give the illusion of a youthful and dewy glow! Adding a drop of argan oil to your moisturizer or foundation will give you that fresh, dewy look without clogging your pores. Have oily or sensitive skin? Perhaps you suffer from acne? No worries! Argan oil has been used for centuries to treat acne and balance out oily complexions. Just a drop gives you a nice dewy hue without even a hint of greasiness.

For Enviable Nails

Cuticle oil is fine, but swapping it out for argan oil gives you way more versatility in your skincare routine. Argan oil contains oleic acid that’s ideal for moisturizing and nourishing your nails and cuticles. It can help soften your cuticles so they’re easier to manage when getting a manicure or pedicure. It’s also great for preventing nails from becoming brittle as you age. And, being the amazing moisturizer that it is, your hands and feet will be softer and free of cracks and flaking when used regularly.

For Fun in the Bedroom

If you enjoy a sensual massage, but aren’t a fan of the greasy mess left on your skin and sheets from massage oils and baby oil, then argan oil is a must for your goodie drawer! It feels amazing on the skin and lets the hands glide across your skin while also nourishing it. And, since it’s all-natural, argan oil is a safe choice for a massage, even on those with sensitive skin.